Radio: Still Relevant in 2023

According to Edison Research’s “Share of Ear” Q4 2022: How America Listens to Audio study, AM/FM radio continues to be a powerhouse for audiences and advertisers alike. And radio is still relevant for the following reasons:

  • AM/FM Radio dominates the total Share of Ear with 40% of time spent by adults 18+. For comparison, all other forms of streaming audio come in at 6% or less.
  • AM/FM radio accounts for 76% of the daily audio time spent with any ad-supported platform
  • The audience share of AM/FM radio is 19 times larger than ad-supported Spotify and 13 times larger than ad-supported Pandora

Add Radio and Digital together – and you have a very effective combination.

Remember that our preferences may not match our customers

It’s also important to avoid letting our own preferences and experience determine how and where we market ourselves. Our customers come from a variety of backgrounds, ages, experiences, income levels, and political and personal preferences, all of which may be very different from our own.

As Ad Results Media reminds us:

“There is increasing global evidence that marketers are basing their media choices on their own behavior or that stoked by the digitally obsessed marketing media, rather than actual audience data … The first law of marketing is that you are not the market. You are an urban, professional, well-paid media executive. Everything you think and do is from a highly unrepresentative n of 1”.

Mark Ritson, a Marketing Professor

To summarize the professor, many marketers are making decisions about where to advertise based on their own habits and the hype they hear online, rather than using real information about their audience. You are not the same as your target audience. Your experiences and choices might be different from those of the general public.

AM/FM radio holds a pivotal position in the world of audio for several compelling reasons. It commands a significant 73% share of ad-supported audio.

When it comes to in-car ad-supported audio, it maintains a dominant 88% share, a consistency maintained over the past six years. Radio remains an essential component of your overall media strategy, consistently delivering noteworthy real-world outcomes.

To discover more about maximizing the effectiveness of your radio advertising or to explore your options, we encourage you to get in touch.

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