Radio Drives Search

Radio is one of the most powerful and cost-effective ways to drive search and digital traffic to your business. Simply put, radio drives search.

Search engine optimization, paid search, and organic search can be effective tools.  But as we note in our article Short Circuit Google, search alone is not enough. Instead, use radio to drive brand awareness to improve search traffic.

According to recent Forrester Research data, 71% of consumers begin their journeys by using a search engine to discover new products and services (initiation), and subsequently 74% report using a search engine for consideration and purchasing (research, comparison, transaction).

Two of the most common questions posed to the Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB) by its members and advertisers are: Does radio advertising drive online behavior? Does radio advertising drive search?

Survey says …

RAB commissioned the Radio Drives Search study because it was important to not only to qualify but additionally to quantify radio’s ability to drive online behavior – namely search. 

Based upon an analysis of over 2,100 local radio ads across six different categories, the study found: 

  • Radio generated an average 29% increase in Google search activity
  • Search as a result of radio advertising is greater on weekdays versus weekends
  • Radio-driven search is higher during midday hours
  • The quality of radio creative has a direct impact on increased search behavior

Here is how radio improved search in several markets according to the Radio Drives Search study:

Automotive Services+8% Web Traffic
Legal+5% New Users
Jewelry+8% New Users
Restaurants+3% New Users
Life Insurance+10% New Users
Auto Insurance+12% Site Visitors
Home Improvement+9% Site Visitors

People will find your business online more quickly and more often if you reach them with local radio. No other medium is as cost-effective in reaching people and reaching them with the most frequency.

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