Digital Disappointment

Digital technology has been revolutionary for advertising. But pure digital doesn’t always return the results people expect.

The arrival of the internet ushered in a whole new era of ways we can connect with customers: streaming, podcasts, on-demand video, social media, online listings, and more. Add broadcast radio and television, cable, satellite, print, direct mail, billboards and other traditional media to that and you have many options.

But while digital provides great opportunities to reach people and measure that reach, it also leaves some promises unfulfilled. How many times do you see or hear an ad “like us on Facebook” only to find 30 likes – half of them friends?  

Facebook and other digital and social media platforms have their place. Because people expect to find you there, you really can’t do business without them.

The problem is that they are not effective or efficient in building brand awareness.  

To reach 10,000 people in a given week, how many likes on Facebook do you need?  How many pop-up banners do you need?

Traditional media, and especially radio, is excellent at shining a light on new businesses and doing it cost effectively.

How do you reach everyone everywhere?

Radio is everywhere. Listened to at work, in cars, and at home. Radio is heard over the air, on smart speakers, and on phones. Radio is the only traditional medium that reaches over 90% of Americans on a weekly basis.

No other medium is more effective at building brand awareness. Nothing beats radio for reaching customers in the “last mile” on shopping trips. And no other medium is as flexible in changing messages or creative content.

Don’t rely just on pure digital for results. Get better results with radio.

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